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Company name: Guangdong Kuaishou Robot Technology Co Ltd
Company address: No. 47, Dongkeng section, Liaodong Road, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Tel:0769-81063699 Fax:0769-81063696
Business telephone: 13502887010  18820291121
After sales service line: 18922533699

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About us

Guangdong Fast Mobile Robot Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Dongguan Fast Hand Automation Machinery Co., Ltd., is a state-level high-tech enterprise focusing on manufacturing industrial robots, robots and other intelligent equipment. The company's products include injection moulding and suction manipulator, stamping and forging manipulator, CNC machine tool loading and unloading manipulator, die-casting manipulator and joint robots integrated application, machine vision application, plastic machinery aided peripheral automation equipment; after nearly ten years of development, according to incomplete statistics, the company's comprehensive strength ranks in the line of manipulators. The top ten domestic brands in the industry.
At the beginning of 2008, in order to better serve the customers, and to cope with the "labor shortage" and the pressure of rapid rising wages and benefits, Fast-Handed Company formally entered the field of automation equipment manufacturing.
In 2009, a series of special manipulators for injection moulding machines (uniaxial, triaxial and five-axis manipulators) were put into production in batches. By the end of January 2017, they had been recognized by nearly 3000 customers.
Since the beginning of 2010, in response to the automation needs of manufacturing enterprises outside the injection molding factories, the fast hand company has gradually developed the manipulator for stamping and feeding / picking parts, die-casting spray / pick up manipulator, CNC Lathe Feed / pick up manipulator and all kinds of non-standard automation equipment, dedicated to injection molding, gold pulling, die casting, electronics and electricity. Manufacturers of appliances and hardware provide high-quality automation planning and services.
In mid-2011, in order to integrate the company's related resources, better, faster and more comprehensive service to the customers of injection molding factories, Fast Hand Co., Ltd. cooperated with top-ranking manufacturers in the plastic auxiliary machinery industry to provide one-stop automatic auxiliary equipment for the majority of injection molding factories: central feeding system, dehumidification and drying system, mold temperature control system. Unity, industrial chiller series, crusher series, and other equipment, hoping to bring more convenience and benefits to customers!
In 2012, Fast Hand Automation and Optimized Management Year, ERP was introduced into the enterprise resource management system in an all-round way. Through the process reengineering and optimization of management systems, the company entered a healthy track of rapid development: from early to mid-2012, the intensive distribution of direct marketing offices in the main markets of Guangdong Province (including factory headquarters in Guangdong Province totaled 10 years). The sales and after-sales service team is becoming more and more perfect. At the end of 2012, the factory building area was expanded again, and the actual usage area could reach more than 8000 square meters; gantry processing center, CNC processing center and other mechanical processing equipment were added one after another, and now the processing capacity can reach more than 300 sets per unit.
In 2013, in order to better serve the vast number of customers outside the province and abroad, we set up direct sales offices such as Hefei Office of Anhui Province, Taizhou Office of Zhejiang Province and Xiamen Office of Fujian Province. The Ministry of International Trade successively received orders from customers in India, Mexico, Germany, the United States, Thailand, Brazil, Australia and some foreign direct sales offices, namely. Points will be laid out;
In 2014, Fast Hand Automation imported "ISO 9001:2008", the company's system construction and quality management has reached a new level, providing strong support for the rapid development of the company; in 2014, the company's stamping manipulator, CNC machine tool loading and unloading manipulator production, by the majority of customers recognized; in 2014, the company independently developed six-axis joints. Robots first appeared in the "DMP 2014" exhibition. The flexible, high-speed and high repetition accuracy of the on-site display have won the praise of many professionals.
In 2015, the fast-hand company went up against the trend and went ahead against the wind, and the company's output value and sales continued to maintain a rapid development of more than 30%. The company continued to increase investment in research and development, won eight national patent certificates, and the product line became more and more abundant. It actively participated in the "DMP" 2016 exhibition, and exhibited products, technologies and company shape during the exhibition. In the second half of 2015, we smoothly moved into the new factory area, with more practical space, more perfect office and production facilities. I believe that we will provide strong support for our future development.
In 2016, the fast-hand company "trained hard in internal skills" year, the company concentrates on optimizing the company's process, improving manufacturing efficiency, improving product quality and improving the structure of the machine, and has made great achievements, laying a solid foundation for the company's future rapid development; in 2016, the company increased capital and assets, formally renamed "Guangdong". Fast Mobile Robot Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016, relying on its strong R&D strength, the company was selected as the "Guangdong Province High-tech Enterprise Training Bank" and officially won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise" at the end of the year.
In 2017, around the market environment under the new situation, the company adheres to the two legs of "manufacturing better quality high-quality robots" and "providing more advanced application of robots". It upgrades the quality and performance of the whole line of robotic products and conducts in-depth research for more market segments, providing more cost-effective advantages and technology. Value-added products; Through the efforts of our colleagues over the past year, the company's development trend continues to maintain good momentum, and more and more customers choose fast-hand products.
In 2018, we introduced the "Management Promotion Project" led by well-known enterprise management companies. The company's management systems, processes and mechanisms have been greatly improved and enhanced. The cohesion of enterprises has been continuously enhanced, and the sense of belonging of employees has become stronger and stronger. In 2018, the company continued to increase investment in R&D and obtained five "software copyright" items this year. Five "utility model" patents; in 2018, the company continued to cultivate market segments, the market share of mobile phone protection covers exceeded 40%, and other fields gradually entered the harvest period. Company performance in 2018
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